User Experience UX
& Emotional Design

What you can expect

  • Cookies & Coffee
  • Stakeholder Engagement

How Long Does it Take

Depending on the size and scale of the project this phase varies.

Deliverables of the Process

  • High Fidelity UI Wireframes
  • UX Design Mockups
  • Style & Brand Guidlines & Branding Mashups

As a long time contributor in B2C and B2B advertising I can tell you that there is a lot of stock in how something looks, how something sounds when it rolls off the tongue and the feeling you get after that experience leaves center stage. 

Successful Creative Departments know this in the advertising world and are quite good at extending reality into a state in which a brand becomes something more than just a logo, colors and a tagline.  

Watch this Grey Goose Vodka video and you’ll see what I mean, don’t worry it’s pretty short… quick go grab some popcorn

Even if you don’t like Vodka… which I don’t… damn… wouldn’t it be cool to be there…

Creative Platforms are planned, scrutinized and scrapped and then reimagined from the ground up many times over.  If done correctly a creative platform can imbue a consumer with a magical sense that they themselves personify a brand.

This Holy Grail in advertising psychology… is the insubstantial brand equity that agencies strive to produce.

User Interface Design and the ability to shape a User’s Experience operates a lot like the pursuit of a perfect Customer Experience and how it builds Brand Equity

Popular UI Patterns are not a random occurrence in the wild, they like a well-planned creative platform need the same level of effort and planning.  UI and UX like we’ve talked about in previous blog posts when harnessed together have the ability to also extend a user’s perception of reality.

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