Logos, Icons
& Font Creation

What you can expect

  • Cookies & Coffee
  • Conversation & Requirements Discovery
  • Reference Images, Photography
  • Low Fidelity Sketches
  • Color Mockups

How Long Does it Take

Depending on the size and scale of the project this phase varies.

Deliverables of the Process

  • Final Vector Illustration Files

If we think of how we interpret the material world around us it quickly becomes apparent that almost everything represents some form of information. When we grasp this notion, it isn’t a far stretch to consider that to understand the world we live in better we’ve come up with compact ways to represent complex ideas.

Whether it is letters constructed into words on a page that phonetically sound out the idea of a BIRD or a pictographic representation of a physical BIRD the same synaptic and ocular phenomenon is taking place.

Why write “happy” when you can send someone an icon.
Happy, feliz, счастлив, 开心,快, Gelukkig, srećan, Heureux

This decoded pictogram transcends ethnic races, languages, and represents a multitude of complex ideas all the while our minds are registering a smiling face.  What’s even more amazing is that our minds register an emotional response to the iconography.

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